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Professional users need reliable internet with a fixed cost.

Speedsurf Wireless

No Phone Line Needed & No Fibre Line Needed
Fixed Wireless Internet Access

Experience internet like never before!

No Credit Checks! / No Credit vetting

Download Speed
Up to :

Upload Speed
Up to :

Installation fee




R 1500

R 399,00



R 1500

R 499,00



R 1500

R 699,00




R 899,00




R 999,00




R 1 499,00

Best Effort Broadband Service: All Prices listed are VAT inclusive, Subject to Speedsurf Ts&Cs and AUP

How do I get connected?

Give us a call on 0861 33 55 47 and confirm your Speedsurf Wireless Coverage

How much will the installation cost?

The installation will cost you R 1500.00 on the 5Mbps and 10Mbps service and it is on a 12 month contract with clawback or you can pay R 2 999.00 installation with no Clawback on Month to Month

The installation will cost you Free on month to month with a Clawback of R 2 999,00, or you can pay R 2 999.00 installation with no Clawback on Month to Month

What is in the installation?

FREE Install Month to Month with 12 Month Clawback
FREE High powered Router (Entry-Level)
Wall mount bracket
FREE Powerful receiver 
FREE Installation includes the first 20 meters of network cabling from the receiver to the router.
FREE additional fee's may apply thereafter
FREE  Installation is valued at R 2 999

Is it really uncapped?

Yes! You can surf, download and stream as much as you like.

What areas are covered by Speedsurf Wireless Internet?

Speedsurf Wireless Internet covers Durban and surrounding areas, we are expanding daily. Speedsurf providing internet with no phone line needed.

✓PLEASE NOTE: Not all addresses are covered by Speedsurf Wireless and are subject to confirmation of coverage by Speedsurf

✓Wifi coverage may vary depending on your property size. Larger homes may require additional wireless access points to ensure full coverage

✓Contract Term : Free Wireless Installation (Should you cancel within the first 12 months, the full Install fee of  R2 999.00  will be billed for early termination)

✓Contract Term : Month to Month Service (Calendar month cancellation applies)

✓Speedsurf Wireless may apply a fair use policy to ensure all subscribers experience acceptable throughputs.

✓Please Note That All Prices include VAT

✓T&C's Apply E&O may occur

✓Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied

✓Speedsurf Wireless is contended at 1:10 Speeds reflected to refer the speed across the Speedsurf network

✓Best Effort Broadband Service



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