Air Fibre Business

Fibre Packages

Upload & Download Package Speed Mbps are subject to multiple factors, the values below are to be interpreted as speeds "Up To". The speeds were tested uploading and downloading.

*With AirFibre no Ground Fibre line is needed.

Air Fibre Business 20
*Up To
20 Mbps Download
*Up To
20 Mbps Upload
R 4,599.00 p/m
Installation R 7,399.00
Air Fibre Business 40
*Up To
40 Mbps Download
*Up To
40 Mbps Upload
R 5,399.00 p/m
Installation R 7,399.00
Air Fibre Business 50
*Up To
50 Mbps Download
*Up To
50 Mbps Upload
R 5,799.00 p/m
Installation R 7,399.00
Air Fibre Business 100
*Up To
100 Mbps Download
*Up To
100 Mbps Upload
R 6,799.00 p/m
Installation R 7,399.00
Air Fibre Business 200
*Up To
200 Mbps Download
*Up To
200 Mbps Upload
Available on Request
Installation R 7,399.00 - R 280,000.00


What are the benefits of Speedsurf Air Fibre Business?

  • 1 Static IP Address or /29 on request
  • A SLA Agreement
  • A Support Service
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Low Contention Ratio 3:1
  • Uploads are the same as downloads
  • The service is symmetrical

How much will the Speedsurf Fibre installation cost?

The installation will cost you R 7,399.00. Minimum 12 months contract period, The installation fee may change if you require higher speeds and or complexity of installation.

What is in the Standard installation?

  • Powerful Receiver
  • Large Wall Mount Bracket
  • Network Cable and a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Installed by a Professional

Is it really uncapped?

Yes! On Speedsurf Fibre you can surf, download and stream as much as you like.

Which areas are covered?

Speedsurf Wireless & Speedsurf Fibre
Speedsurf covers Durban and surrounding areas, we are expanding daily. Speedsurf providing internet with no phone line needed.


  • Not all addresses are covered by fibre infrastructure and are subject to confirmation of coverage by Speedsurf
  • Wifi coverage may vary depending on your property size. Larger homes may require additional wireless access points to ensure full coverage
  • Best Effort Broadband Service
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied
  • Please Note That All Prices include VAT
  • Speedsurf Fibre may apply a fair use policy to ensure all subscribers experience acceptable throughputs
  • T&C's Apply E&O may occur
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