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Which areas are covered?

Speedsurf Wireless & Speedsurf Fibre
Speedsurf covers Durban and surrounding areas, we are expanding daily. Speedsurf providing internet with no phone line needed.

Is it really uncapped?

Yes! On Speedsurf Fibre you can surf, download and stream as much as you like.

Clawback Explained?

Contract Term with Clawback: Should you cancel your Speedsurf Air Fibre Installation within the first 12 and or 24 months, the full Install fee will be billed for early termination.

How do I get connected?

Give us a call on 086 133 5547 and ask for a technician to install your hardware.

Contention Ratio?

Contention Ratio refers to the number of users sharing or contending for the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio, the higher the quality of service, for example a 3:1 contention ratio means that up to 3 customers are sharing the same capacity at any one time.

Speedsurf Benefits

  • No Phone Line Needed
  • Not Affected by Load Shedding
  • No Ground Fibre Line Needed
  • Faster deployment
  • Incredible speeds from 20Mbps to 5Gbps
  • Speedsurf own and manage there own network
  • Because Speedsurf own the network, there are no third parties between the business and the TERACO data centre
  • The Speedsurf network offers Multigigabit connectivity to the TERACO data centre
  • Speedsurf have two diverse paths to TERACO
  • Business level support
  • Fully Routed network
  • Speedsurf can implement BGP, VLAN or what ever your needs may be

Experience connectivity like never before!

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