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Internet Access

air fibre uncapped

Air Fibre Uncapped

Experience internet like never before!

Speedsurf Air Fibre uncapped internet at a low contention ratio of 10:1. These packages are aimed at home and Small Business users.

air fibre business

Air Fibre Business

Unshapped, Unthrottled!

Speedsurf Air Fibre Business, truly an uncapped service. We do not shape the traffic and we do not throttle your speed. This is our Speedsurf business class solution. You get our VIP customer experience, business level support and a low contended service.

ground fibre

Ground Fibre

Subject to credit vetting!

Speedsurf Ground Fibre, The fibre is supplied by a third party, Speedsurf provides the data and support. Speedsurf manages your Fibre and your Data, one account. While stock lasts.

Which areas are covered?

Speedsurf covers Durban and surrounding areas, we are expanding daily. Speedsurf providing internet with no phone line needed.

How do I get connected?

Give us a call on 086 133 5547 and ask for a technician to install your hardware.

Uncapped, Unshaped & Unthrottled

Speedsurf Air Fibre Uncapped packages are unshaped and unthrottled. No Phone Line Needed & No Ground Fibre Line Needed. With our Speedsurf Air Fibre Capped packages we cater for the home and small business user that need really fast internet. You can download and upload pictures, stream videos, check email and so much more – super-fast! at a low contention ratio of 10:1.